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Repair or replace damaged or missing leadwork

Why ensure your leadwork has a good seal?

Basically the leadwork around joins on your roof and chimney keep the property watertight. If the leadwork is damaged or in some cases missing altogether, this can cause unseen damage to the structure of your property.

If your leadwork is missing, lifted, or otherwise in poor repair, we can fix or replace it for you.

Repair blocked or broken guttering

Blocked or broken guttering

  • What may appear at first to be a trivial problem can in fact cause major problems further down the line. However the good news is that if you catch and sort it out early you can prevent a whole number of problems:
  • Rotten fascias
  • Water stains on the exterior of the property
  • Damaged roof timbers
  • Damp problems
  • Overflowing guttering
  • We can check and repair any problems that your guttering may have.